Gahanna Cyclone Parent Organization Code of Regulations

Article I Information on Purpose, Members, Annual Meeting, Special Meetings, Notice of Meetings, Waiver of Notice, Quorum of Members, Membership Record, Voting by Members and Order of Business.
Article II Information on Directors, Number and Election of Directors, Vacancies, Removal, Compensation, Meeting - Business Transacted, Special Meetings and Committees.
Article III Information on Officers, Numbers and Titles, Election and Term of Office, Attendance of Meetings, Removal or Resignation, Vacancies, Compensation and Duties.
Article IV Indemnification information.
Article V Amendments information.
Article VI Miscellaneous information on Fiscal Year, Property, Audit, Restrictions and Membership Fee.
Article VII Defining and clarifying the practices and policies for administering the funds deposited into CPO gymnast accounts.

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