Gahanna Cyclone Parents Organization, Inc.
Code of Regulations - Article VI


  1. Fiscal Year
    The fiscal year of the Corporation shall end on such day as may be fixed from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  2. Property
    All funds and property acquired by this Corporation, by dues, donation, gift, bequest, or otherwise shall be the absolute property of this Corporation, unless at the time of acquiring such property it is otherwise specified in writing.
  3. Audit
    Financial transactions of the Corporation and its books of account shall be audited at least annually by a certified public accountant selected annually by the Board of Directors. A copy of such audit shall be presented to the Board of Directors and shall be made available for inspection, upon reasonable notice, to any Member of the Corporation.
  4. Restrictions
    Fundraising activities and monies contributes shall not privately benefit the members, athletes, or their parents by securing the payment of training for a particular athlete or otherwise in a manner that violates N.C.A.A. guidelines or that are contrary to the not-for-profit or tax status of the Corporation.
  5. Amended By-Law: Membership Fee
    There is a $35 per year, per gymnast CPO membership fee assessed to all competing gymnasts -- levels 4 through 10. In the event of more than one competing gymnast in a family, the fee shall be $35 for the first gymnast and $25 for each additional gymnast. This fee will help defer the costs for the year-end banquet, which benefits all competing gymnasts - level 4 through 10. This fee is due no later than July 15 of the current year. This fee may be deducted from your current CPO account.
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