INCLEMENT WEATHER PROCEDURE: Enrolled families will be notified via email whenever it becomes necessary for Cyclone to cancel or modify classes in any way.

ENROLLMENT AND INITIAL PAYMENT: A VALID credit card is required for registration. By enrolling online you agree to automatic monthly draw of tuition fees with the form of payment provided for record. Upon initial enrollment, your credit card will not be charged until staff has reviewed enrollment and applied any credits or discounts due. You will receive a confirmation of actual amount charged at that time.

MONTHLY TUITION PAYMENTS: Your credit card will be charged for the current month's tuition between the 1st and the 5th of each month, and initially upon enrollment. If you wish to use another method of payment, it must be provided no later than the last class of the previous month to avoid automatic charge to your card. If your card is not valid and payment is not made, a $10.00 late fee applied will be applied on or before the 10th of the current month and opportunity to make full payment will be offered. If payment is not received in full, your enrollment will be cancelled. Re-enrollment cannot be guaranteed.

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEES: $30.00 per child per year, $15.00 for each additional sibling. (Team Registration Fees differ)

Due to natural variations in the number of days per month, inclement weather, emergencies and holidays/breaks, the number of classes available each month may vary. All of the above has been calculated into the monthly tuition due and the tuition rate will not change with these variations.

All rates subject to change at any time as deemed appropriate by Gahanna Cyclone Gymnastics, Inc. Notice will be provided via email to active customers prior to any change in monthly tuition or other fees.

Discounts Available: Multiple Classes: You will receive 20% off lowest tuition for multiple classes for 1 child. Siblings: Additional sibling(s) will receive 10% off the lowest tuition. Tuition will be adjusted accordingly. (Discounts do not apply to team athletes)

MOBILITY: You may request a change in class day or time at any time. Gahanna Cyclone Gymnastics, Inc. reserves the right to add, cancel, or modify classes as needed. Cyclone Gymnastics will notify families or families may inquire as to appropriate timing to advance classes for any student.

NEW STUDENTS: Enroll at any time. Receive pro-rated billing for the current month of enrollment. Your card will not be charged until staff has reviewed the registration, pro-rated tuition when necessary, and provided any discounts due. We are sure your child(ren) will be happy with their experience at Cyclone Gymnastics but understand that all children are different and gymnastics is not for everyone. If, for any reason, you find that gymnastics is not a good fit for your child within the first 2 weeks of initial enrollment we will withdraw your child(ren) from class and refund you 100% of the tuition and registration fee. Written notice must be provided to cyclonegymnastics@hotmail.com prior to the end of second week.

CANCELLATION: In order to cancel your enrollment with Cyclone Gymnastics proper notice must be given no later than the 15th of your last month of enrollment. Proper notice constitutes an email to cyclonegymnastics@hotmail.com notifying us of the cancellation of enrollment. A reason for discontinuing classes at Cyclone Gymnastics is appreciated. If written notice is not received by the 15th of your last month of enrollment, your card will be charged for 1/2 of the next month's tuition and credit will be held on record and available for use within the 12-month period from date credit is issued. Refunds will not be given after tuition has run.

MAKE-UP POLICY: Unlimited make-ups are offered for currently enrolled students. Acceptable reasons for scheduling a make-up include child(ren) not attending a class held for any reason. Although planned for in the tuition rate, Cyclone Gymnastics is pleased to offer make-ups for classes not held for scheduled holiday/breaks at Cyclone and classes not held due to inclement weather/emergencies. All make-up classes must be scheduled after the missed class, in a class at another day/time which is the appropriate for level. Cyclone Gymnastics will work to the best of our ability to schedule a make-up class at your convenience. However, due to class availability, enrollment numbers, and your personal availability, make-up classes are not guaranteed and no credit will be given for missed classes. At any time there is a drop of enrollment, missed classes will no longer be available for make-up. (Make-ups are not eligible to team athletes)


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